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You may be wondering, there are so many healthcare podcasts, why are we starting another one? Many first time healthcare founders need to think about how to sell to payers and land a pilot or get their first 100 patients, as pre-seed and seed investors, we'd love to create a playbook for them to learn from other healthcare leaders who have done it before. We’ll be focusing on building at day zero and are open to covering specific topics you have questions on!

We’re super excited for our pipeline of guests such as the CEOs and Founders across Healthcare Infrastructure, Medicaid and Health Equity, Women’s Health, Mental Health and Healthcare at Home.

Every week, we’ll be getting to know trailblazing healthcare leaders and dive into building a health and bio business from 0 to 1.


Vivien Ho
Healthcare Investing @ Pear VC
Eddie Eltoukhy
Biotech investing & startups. Partner at Pear VC, formerly Head of Corp Dev at Senti Bio.